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Medico-Legal Services 
‘’Consistently good service, always happy to assist wherever possible and always striving to improve. Top notch customer service especially from Aimee. 
Have built up a good relationship with this firm and wouldn’t hesitate to continue to utilise in the future.’’ – Industry Specialist, Liverpool 
Medico-Legal Services 
Medico-Legal Services 

Medico-Legal Services 

We employ a combination of highly qualified Registered Consultant Audiological Scientists and state registered Clinical Audiologists / Clinical Scientists with NHS experience and with minimum of BSc in Clinical Audiology. We are also Independent Registered Hearing Aid Audiologists. All our equipment is calibrated annually and our assessments are undertaken to the highest standards following relevant professional recommended protocols. We ensure patient satisfaction and efficacy of practice using a range of outcome measures throughout their pathways. 
We have a proven track record over many years providing comprehensive expert assessments and reports to solicitors and legal agencies.  
For all enquiries call us on 01270 211009 or alternatively email enquiries@holthearingandbalance.co.uk and one of our team can assist you. 

Audiological Testing  

Pure Tone Audiometry 
With regard to Medico-legal Noise Induced Hearing Loss [NIHL] both screening and diagnostic Pure Tone Audiograms [PTA] can be undertaken for the different types of purposes you may require. Where clinically required we test with insert earphones. 
Cortical Evoked Response Audiometry 
As Clinical Scientists we also undertake and report on specialised Cortical Evoked Response Audiometry (CERA) assessment where hearing threshold responses require objective clarification. CERA is being increasingly used to establish true hearing levels where malingering is suspected and by legal practices to audit, validate and quality assure Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA) thresholds they're using in their CLB [LCB] calculations and claim procedures. 

Tinnitus and Balance Rehabilitation  

Our Clinical Scientist registration and our highly trained team assess and provide tailored rehabilitation programmes to clients with balance (vestibular) and tinnitus disorders which can arise in NIHL cases and through personal injury / accident index incidents.  
We are Tinnitus Retraining Therapy [TRT] Practitioners [with CBT component] where tailored tinnitus management programmes are required. 

Medico Legal Reporting  

Once we have conducted a full audiogram, comprising of air & bone conduction with full masking where necessary, we can establish if requested if the case is a positive or negative. 
We can then review any medical/ ENT reports and employment history and provide a full medico legal NIHL report adhering to Coles, Lutman & Buffin Guidelines. Philip Holt is fully qualified as an Expert Witness. 
We offer a number of clinics across the United Kingdom, running from hospitals and clinical consulting rooms.  
Blackburn Darlington Newcastle-Upon-Tyne 
Bolton Derby Nottingham 
Boston Dudley Shrewsbury 
Bristol Leeds Stoke 
Cardiff Liverpool Sutton Coldfield 
Chester Macclesfield Warrington 
Coventry Manchester Wilmslow 
Crewe/ Nantwich Milton Keynes  
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