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Hearing Assessment & Advice 
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Hearing Assessment  
& Advice 
Hearing Assessment  
& Advice 
Hearing Assessment & Advice 

How do we hear? 

There are three parts to the ear – the outer, middle and inner ear. Sounds travel through the air as waves. In a normal hearing ear, sounds are funneled into the ear canal and this causes the ear drum or tympanic membrane to vibrate. These vibrations are passed into the inner ear via three bones in the middle ear. 
The inner ear contains organs of hearing and balance. The vibrations passed to the hearing part of the inner ear, the cochlea, are converted into electrical impulses which then pass up the auditory or eighth nerve to the brain. When the brain receives the message, it processes it so that you know what you are hearing, such as a telephone ringing, a tap at the door or more complex sounds like understanding speech. 

What can go wrong? 

Hearing problems can be caused by temporary or permanent problems. A cold, ear infection or build up of ear wax in the ear canal can temporarily reduce the hearing. Common causes of permanent hearing loss include: 
Age-related hearing loss- Over half of people over 60 years of age will have a hearing loss of some degree. This type of hearing loss usually begins in the higher pitches and progress to the lower pitches. You may find that you struggle to hear in background noise with this type of loss or others may tell you that you have the television on too loud. 
Noise exposure- Exposure to loud sounds over prolonged periods of time, either through work or leisure can damage the hearing permanently and is irreversible. It may also contribute to tinnitus, hearing noises in your ears or head without an external source. 

How can we help? 

We are able to offer expert assessment and rehabilitation advice. We will take a variety of different diagnostic tests and discuss your hearing test results with you and provide you with the options available allowing you to make the most informed decision. We will offer advice on your hearing and in some cases we may refer you back to your GP or ENT consultant. We may also suggest a hearing aid/s if this seems appropriate. Please click on the hearing aids link for more information. 
We are now proud Lyric providers.  
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