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Hearing Protection 
''Holt Hearing provided a professional service for taking the impressions for my ear plugs. I have found these to be comfortable in long-term useMr H, Shrewsbury 
Hearing Protection 
Hearing Protection 

Hearing Protection 

We can advise on, supply and fit a full range of generic and custom made noise protection and communication systems. 
We use the leading manufacturers to guarantee high quality ear protection products to suit the needs for each individual. 
We provide customised ear protection that fits perfectly to the exact shape of your ear which therefore optimizes sound attenuation, comfort and hygiene. 
Before any custom ear protection can be manufactured, silicon impressions of your ears need to be taken. It is extremely important to have this process done correctly, as it in turn determines the comfort of the moulds, degree of sound reduction and consequent sound quality.  

 Why should I protect my ears? 

Hearing protection is an increasingly crucial issue in a noisy world. 
Loud noise can potentially have an irreversible effect on your hearing. Exposing your ears to a 100dB (decibel) noise i.e. an MP3 player at full volume – damages the inner ear, even if experienced for just 15 minutes.  
Working unprotected in loud environments for several hours at a time can be even more risky. 
Symptoms such as continued ringing in the ears or head (tinnitus), or temporary hearing loss after noise exposure are signs that you should be using hearing protection. The consequence of continuous noise exposure can result in a permanent hearing loss. 
We aim to educate people about the harmful effects of noise on our hearing and to provide practical and efficient solutions that offer protection from dangerous levels. 

 Who needs hearing protection? 

A number of people who work in industry need hearing protection, but also those exposed to loud or excess noise levels. This list includes those who work or partake in: 

Hearing protection for swimming and sleeping 

We provide high quality waterproof ear plugs that are designed to create a watertight seal, therefore protect the ears from damage caused by contaminated water or for those who have been medically advised to keep ears dry. 
Exclude night time noise and get a good night’s sleep with customised sleep moulds. Our customised sleep moulds fit perfectly to enable total comfort, peace and quiet. 
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