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Wax Removal Services 
''Phil spent a considerable amount of time expertly removing my wax...I was extremely appreciative of the skill, patience and professionalism of Phil, Marianne and Kirsty and I cannot recommend them highly enough 
Mrs R, Shrewsbury  
Wax Removal Services 
Wax Removal Services 

Wax Removal  

Some people (particularly those wearing hearing aids) can benefit from regular wax removal. Ear wax can sometimes block the ear canal which can lead to pain or temporary hearing loss. 


This is a painless procedure to remove wax, dead skin, foreign objects and even infection from your ears. We use a microscope to look in your ears and a very small suction tube to ‘hoover’ out the debris. Anyone can have microsuction, as long as you are able to remain still during the procedure. Microsuction is ideal for patients who are unable to safely or easily have debris removed by irrigation or instrumentation removal. 


This is a painless procedure where an electric pump is used to push water into your ear, which in turn washes the ear wax out. 


Various instruments are used to clean out your ear and remove any ear wax.  
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